An introduction to cryptocurrencies


The following information provides a great foundation for newbies in the crypto space. This information, along with much more information, can be found on the following websites: 


If you prefer printed reading materials, consider printing out the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing (pdf).


Intro to Crypto Outline: 


  • Bitcoin and Digital Money

  • Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

  • Altcoins

  • Core Concepts

  • Crypto Investing Essentials

  • Cryptorado's Favorite YouTube Channels



Bitcoin and Digital Money


The best way to understand crypto —how a blockchain works, why it matters, how the space has evolved — is to start with Bitcoin. The original cryptocurrency continues to dominate all other forms of digital money—it’s most people’s gateway to the wider crypto world, and its technology provides the foundation for a lot of what came after. Here are some of the best explanations of what Bitcoin is and how it gave rise to the entire crypto ecosystem.



Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five

Bitcoin 101

Why Bitcoin Matters

The Internet of Money



Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin


In just a little over a decade, Bitcoin’s market cap has gone from nothing to over $1.2 Trillion (as of May 2021). If you want to understand where Bitcoin has been and where it’s headed, Coinbase gathered insights from some of crypto’s biggest and smartest investors:



Bitcoin for the Open Minded Skeptic (pdf)

The Great Monetary Inflation (pdf)

Bitcoin’s Killer App 

What Will Happen to Cryptocurrency in the 2020s? 

The Case for Bitcoin (Excellent, useful, and updated website w/ data and analysis)



Long Video (but worth watching if you have time)







































Bitcoin is considered the first successful cryptocurrency. Coins produced after Bitcoin are reffered to as "Altcoins." Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency. Ethereum took Bitcoin’s blockchain idea and made it more flexible – allowing it to power everything from games to tools that are creating an entire decentralized alternative to the financial system. But while it might be the second-biggest digital currency by market cap, it’s certainly not the only Bitcoin alternative. Learn about Ether and other altcoins here.



Ethereum 101

The 10 Most Important Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin (Investopedia’s guide popular altcoins)





















































Core concepts


If you want to really understand crypto you need to understand the technology behind it. Get schooled on key concepts from blockchains and decentralization to smart contracts and more.


Blockchain 101

The Blockchain Process Infographic

The Meaning of Decentralization 

Why Decentralization Matters 

A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

A Beginner's Crypto Dictionary

Blockspot Crypto Dictionary



Crypto Investing essentials


The following lessons are from the Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrencies.


Earn Free Cryptocurrencies with Cryptorado's Account Referrals

Earning Interest on Cryptocurrency (Benzinga Investing Website)




Cryptorado's Favorite YouTube Channels


The following YouTube channels produce several videos each week that explain the cryptocurrency investment industry news and implications. They will help you identify the most relevant news and provide you with expert insight on how investors should interpret it and act on it. Some channels focus on one or two cryptocurrencies with in depth analysis, while others provide key highlights across the entire market. If you plan to invest heavily in cryptocurrencies, it is best to regularly watch a variety of their productions. The best part is that it is all free education and coaching! Many of these channels also conduct promotions with free giveaways to boost their audience numbers. There are scammers on YouTube! Never send anyone your crypto!

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In-depth studies on individual cryptos & related investing topics.

Broad coverage of cryptocurrency market news & price estimates.